Laundry...Dun Dun DUN!

Okay, okay. I know this is a really, really dull title, but I must share this. Never in my life have I ever pretreated more clothes than when my little girl started eating comida. I mean look at this! You wouldn't know it, but that's squash!


That's just wrong, right? So everytime I do her clothes, not only do I think about getting more bibs, I also praise these two pre-treaters:

They are just awesome. And they do the job.

See? Nobody mentions the little things about having kids--like the extra time you have to spend pre-treating clothes in the laundry room! The next friend of mine who has a baby shower is gonna get a huge supply of Shout Advanced and Tide Stain Remover. They. Save. The. Day. That is all. I'm gonna go shop for bibs now.


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