Another Semester and By the Way, I'm 15 Weeks Along

The Mr. just started school this week. It's gotten me thinking about how much I got used to him being home all the time with us and how much I had come to rely on his help with working and everything! This semester is going to be hard, and I can already see the huge change that my hubby is feeling about it.

During winter break, he began his coaching job at Adelson, a private school, where he is coaching fifth grade boys' basketball. Thankfully, he had two weeks of undisturbed work before his own semester began. He's loving it so far and I'm thankful he has the opportunity to do what he loves.

For the first time since I have known him, the Mr. is taking five classes. Add on the coaching job, which happens to jive perfectly with his schedule, and he's got a pretty full plate. He actually doesn't seem to mind being fully booked, though. It's teaching him to stay on top of everything, and I hope that same enthusiasm sticks through the coming months!

My only bit of selfishness I'm truly feeling is that we basically only see eachother for lunch and dinner. I know that's how most relationships work, trust me, I know! But I had become accustomed to our lazy winter days when everyone had sweats on and we just hung out all day.

See, like this?! This is nice!

But now it seems like our weekends are even choc-full of things that need doing. When did that happen?! And why am I feeling it all in one shot? One sobering, overwhelming, icky shot?!

Which brings me to my pregnancy.

I am 15 weeks pregnant and so far, no weight gain! Hallelujah! The only big difference between my two pregnancies right now is that my headaches are more annoying in my second trimester...oh, and that no weight gain thing.

Today is my first appointment for the new prenatal classes my provider is teaching. But that's for a later post. Suffice it to say that I'm really excited for this. Also, last night the Mr. and I decided that even though he can't come to all of it, he's coming to the first half hour to see how the class goes.

Also, I just scheduled my ultrasound for February 17th! I'm definitely sad that it feels so far away, but at least it's scheduled!

That is enough for now.
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