Work. Travel. Why not?

Since the Mr. graduated, we've been job hunting and job hunting. Chris has been going to job fairs and has been to interviews, but honestly, I can't see him working in the places he's interviewed for. Then we got an email from Chris' university alumni job board to teach abroad. And he called for an which the whole family was invited.

My head was spinning as the interview came closer, thinking that this was surely not an option since we had young family. I mean, really, this is the kind of thing you do before you have a family. But you know what? We just took our passport pictures.

We can all go, live well and still save, learn so much, and immerse our family in another culture. And while we're there, I plan on finishing my degree. Chris may even get his masters.

Right now, this is our top option and we're getting pretty excited.
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