My mom and dad are getting their vows renewed today after 25 years of marriage. How sweet. They honestly sprang this on us last week and we were all so surprised to hear about it as we checked and rechecked our planners.

While my parents were at my house for my birthday, my dad was resisting the caloric temptation layered so heavily on my dining table because he had to fit into his old barong. For those of you who aren't Filipino, a barong is a very delicate Filipino dress shirt made out of pineapple husks. Sound a bit odd? Are you asking how that material could possibly be delicate? Here's a picture:

That's Quentin Tarantino at the 2008 Golden Globes in a barong--go figure! But that's what one looks like.

Anyway, I can't wait to go today. The Mr. and I have some serious homework to do beforehand and after the fact, so we are going to thoroughly enjoy ourselves while we're out with family. I'll put up pictures from the ceremony later while I'm procrastinating on that homework.

Happy Sunday!


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