What a Whammy

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I first started reading this blog when I first discovered I was pregnant. So I guess since last May! I wasn't looking for anything to read--in fact, I was looking for ideas to decorate my wedding. But go figure, I ended up sticking around and virtually befriended Joanne Heim.

I guess it was how real she was in her blog that made me want to read more. She is a kindred spirit to so many because she just laid it all out when she wrote. I was hooked reading about her parenting, family, faith, crafts, cooking, running, and random stories. I even Facebook messaged her once and told how much I had taken to her blog, because I was starting a family myself. She replied and we had a mini chat about having kids.

A little over a month ago Joanne suffered a major stroke. Weeks ago, her family was hoping she would come out of her coma. Then she woke. They prayed that she would open her eyes and speak. She does now! On her blog, she wrote this:

Somedayim going to go home and walk and run.n

To me, that was a whammy! And it honestly made my day. It is such a simple statement. It's not a request, or a wish, or a hope, or even a prayer. But there she is, barely two months after a stroke and boldly stating that it's going to happen.

She's been making such amazing progress and I wanted to share her story today. I've never met her in person, but I admire her strength.


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