Who manufactures this chair? Anybody?


Anybody know who makes these chairs? Just for clarification, I mean the round ones in the forefront. I've been hopelessly obsessed with sourcing these darn things since visiting The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas and I haven't gotten close finding even a look-a-like.

They're ridiculously comfortable and my husband even likes them. I'm 4'9" and he's 6'3". A lounge chair that's awesome for both of us? Sign. Us. Up.

We just need to find out where to get one...

Life and Birthdays

Oh, these past few weeks have been a huge blur! Just yesterday, we did our taxes, went to work, met with my big brother, and celebrated my dad's birthday.

At the restaurant, we tested out our little lady in a high chair for the first time and she loved it. I'm definitely regretting not bringing my camera last night because of that! I think she just liked feeling like a big girl being at the same height as everyone so she could see everything. She just stared and tried grabbing utensils. Toward the end, though, she was rubbing her eyes. So we moved her to her carrier where she had a big bottle and swapped smiles with my very attentive mom for the rest of the night.

It was similar last week, too, when we celebrated Fina's birthday at the M Resort buffet. Dianna just got passed around the Sunday that we spent there.

See? Fina is the nice lady who is second to the last on the right. She's basically helped raise John since he was a baby. And now look at him! He's a proud uncle. So proud that he has a picture of Dianna as his background on his PS3.

More new things? My big brother Dave took Chris and I to City Center. City Center is a new part of the Strip in Las Vegas that is absolutely gorgeous. It's like a little bit of modern glitz inside a mecca of Vegas glamour. We liked The Cosmopolitan best. There was really something to look at in every corner. In several parts of the casino, there were common areas to just mingle. On the third or fourth floor, we actually stopped to play pool and hang out. Really fun. So there's my life in a few paragraphs.

Note to self:: I need to bring my camera around with me more often.

Seeing Red and Seeing Blue

Some days, I just can't find the right words. Other days, Dianna can't keep hands off the key board as I type. She fell asleep right there on my lap as I typed and it made my day.

I was working hard and having a ball with Mary at the office up until 3:00. To summarize: At 3:30 I saw red. Then almost immediately, blue. And now I have no more words. And the paragraph above says the rest.

That tomorrow will be better.

That I can have a restful sleep, because I am drained physically and mentally.

Ahh, Progress!

I've really been putting a real emphasis on activity in my life this past week. Most mornings, I try to walk Nike. And...because it's Spring Break for the Mr., we played tennis this morning for two hours. I had so much fun and man did I get better at tennis!

Sometimes with my man being a very well-rounded athlete, it's hard to play a sport with him when I know I'm absolutely not going at his pace. Today I realized that he enjoys any activity with me just because it's with me and he's doing something outdoorsy.

Anyway, it just feels good to ache a little. Then I know I had a good day's work! Tomorrow...I don't know what we're doing. The Mr. wants to really keep it a secret to me--otherwise I psych myself out of it.

So here, here to an aching body, a good night's rest, and an able self excited for more fun! Over and out.

Happiness is $37 in the Bank

We're that couple that quietly celebrates every month together. Sometimes we go to Olive Garden and pig out on those breadsticks of theirs, sometimes it's sushi night, sometimes we dress up for each other, sometimes we write letters to each other, sometimes one surprises the other with their favorite drink from the Chinese place down the street, and sometimes we just continually tell each other "I love you" the whole day.

This month is one of those times when we're dirt broke! So we dressed up all snazzy for each other and ate a quaint little lunch in front of the tube with our daughter and dog in tow.

Something we've come to realize is that the most important thing for us is to just be together and enjoy one another's company. It's not the day that is particularly important. It's not the money we have to spend at a restaurant. It's taking the time to recognize how thankful we are for our relationship and family.

Here's to 7 months of marriage and almost two years of true happiness.

End of Day 3

Boy am I aching!

That is all.

Day 3

I definitely didn't want to get up today. My bed just felt so good. But I did, and it really helped that the Mr. nudged me and said, "Just go" and "Don't make a big deal out of it." (He reads my blog, that handsome man.) So I got up, sat on the floor and lazily stretched.

When I finally left with Nike, I still didn't want to be out. It wasn't until I got out of the neighborhood that I felt good. And having beautiful mountains to see at every turn is nice too.

It's times like that that I'm glad we moved to our area, where I feel safe taking Nike out for a walk and when I can see the outdoors and not casinos.

Day three started on a good note. I have tons to do today so bring it on, world!

And So It Begins

And hopefully it lasts.

Technically, "it" started yesterday, but I didn't take a photo of my shoes and Nike's leash to make it all official like. By "it" I mean that I started walking my puppy in the mornings for at least 30 minutes, which is accompanied by an (at least) 15 minute warm-up that includes stretching, crunches, and push-ups.

So there, Gut! Humph. I need to make some room for possibly another bun in the oven. Most of all, though, I just want to feel good about myself again...and not have a mini breakdown whenever I go into my closet to get dressed and see my beautiful pre-pregnancy clothes. That ever happen to anyone else? Anybody?

Anywho, I just got back from "it" and cooled down and feel good and awake and like I'm finally on the right track. I think that so often in the beginning of the year when people make their resolutions to lose weight, they psych themselves out so much by eating their last meal of junk food (me) or going out to buy tons of new workout gear (me) that they never end up even taking the first step toward their goal. In a way, they put so much value in their preparations that when actually beginning "it" comes up, it seems like a tired cause.

And hey, I've done that about three times since January 1st of this year. What feels different this time is that I didn't build up just going on a walk with my dog as this huge milestone postpartum. I don't know if that's just me, but I am a flippin' pro at psyching myself out of decisions that I feel will change me--for better or worse. It's a crazy complex of mine, but I'm on day two and feel good.
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