Oh, What a Week

We have had an amazing week. I called my professor on Thursday to ask him about my grade on the final exam. I did badly on the first test--I flunked it, in fact. I aced my second exam. As the tests make up most of the course grade, I figured I was averaging out at a C. This being my final economics class, I was honestly okay with a C. Obviously, though, I was hoping for better. And better was what I got! My teacher told me I got an A! So, overall, I get a B+ for the class. I've been on cloud nine about it all week.

Second, I set up the Mr. for some financial aid and we managed to have all his classes paid for the next semester. And there's even some extra to buy books!

Then, the Mr. got two calls for two interviews...for two youth coach positions! If you know anything about the Mr., you know that he loves sports. Even more so, he loves teaching kids sports. So, he went in for an interview with a private school for a fifth and sixth grade level basketball coach. Afterward as he recounted meeting with me, he felt really good about how it went. You could really see it from the smile on his face, and he also felt comfortable with the two men who interviewed him, who would be his superiors. Yesterday, he received a call that he got the job. He's beyond excited to be part of this season with them. On top of that, his classes next semester are timed perfectly so that he can make it to practice without having to sacrifice his own school work. Right now, he's in the second phase of an interview to be a youth soccer coach. This position would be ongoing and also jives well with his schedule. In this phase, he's shadowing a class of six and seven year olds. They wanted to see how he would do. Even though he hasn't played soccer in quite a while, it was his past in soccer that helped him start kicking in football for his high school and then for UNR. He's a natural at sports, so I'm sure it's all coming back to him now. I hope he's enjoying himself!

Update: He came home with a COACH shirt on! He got the second job!

I know I am right now with my little hellion. I can't believe all this good fortune this week. It all feels like a great Christmas present. God is good.

It's Just Soup Weather, Isn't It?

I ended up finding an amazing recipe for arroz caldo. In all my years, I never thought to add a boiled egg to this. And now that I tried it, I'm thinking, "Why DIDN'T I think about it?! Eggs make everything better!" This is one of my new favorite blogs, too, by the way. So thank you, Jun, for your awesome contribution to the blog world. And done so beautifully, too.

Today, I made corn chowder a la Mimi's Cafe. It's our favorite version, and I thought I'd give the Mr. a break from all my regional Filipino fare. However, I realize now that I should have just checked the Mimi's website before taking the word from others that their version is the right one. The recipe I used just wasn't quite as creamy as I expected, but now I realize the one thing I didn't do was include just one can of creamed corn. That was literally the only difference between what I did and what Mimi's Cafe does. But ya know what? I'm going to just throw some darn creamed corn into what's left of the soup, which is A LOT, and see how that that goes. I'm pretty sure that'll perk it right up.

Along with the chowder, I made cornbread. Yummy. I like the lightness in the recipe that I used--which I'll share another day. I'm just happy eating it with a pat of butter right now and I mean right now. It's so good. Patience makes the heart grow fonder, remember that!

And to top it all off, I think I'm getting a hang of washing the dishes while the food's a cookin'. But that was just today. I may feel much different tomorrow.

P.S. I was gonna post a picture of my cornbread and soup, but it's just no use taking pictures of an empty bowl and plate.

Going Back to My Roots

Since the weather in Las Vegas started to get colder, my little has been a sniffling little fool. While she's basically all better now thanks to her humidifier, juice, and soup, the Mr. and I are feeling the brunt of the bug she had.

What naturally follows then is making soup. I definitely first looked up how to make Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana and Pioneer Woman has a promising-looking recipe. But what I ultimately made was my favorite soup from my childhood, what my dad would make for me when I was sick: chicken corn soup. I just used this recipe, which you should try because it's dead easy, and added chicken and some thin spaghetti that I broke into two to three inch little strips. Why the addition? Because my dad always added chicken and noodles, so that's just the right way to do it. I've made this twice this week and it's been so comforting.

Now, the Mr. is the one who's feeling more under the weather than me. So this morning, I heated him up the arroz caldo that my parents so sweetly brought over for us two nights ago.

I added a bouillon cube, as my dad (who is the cook in the family) has grown an aversion to too much salt in his age, and it did the trick.  I need to figure out the recipe sometime today for the Mr. The good thing is that I think I just may have everything to make it!
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