An Update

Well, my dad didn't end up in his barong. Never did ask him why, but it was a really nice time! My parents looked so nice. Look at that couple of 25 years. My cousins ended upcoming and we had dinner at my dad's favorite Chinese restaurant that our family has been going to since we moved to Las Vegas over a decade ago.

For some time, we knew the guys who worked there. But over the years, they've come and gone, and now the only constant thing there is incredibly tasty food and my parents' steady patronage.

Just a few hours ago today, the Mr.'s little brother got his first dirtbike. A Honda 50 with apparently tons of upgrades. I can hardly tell the difference! When the guy who owned it came, he wheeled it over sadly, handing Chris the bike saying, "Here's my baby" and then "If you ever want to sell this thing, sell it back to me!" The deal was to sell him our temperamental ATV for parts for his souped up Honda 50 plus $300. So, not a bad deal to the boys. I say, not too shabby if the moolah comes from the Mr.'s bro and not us. Phew! They had a good time riding it around and they're already naming it the fallback for when the other dirt bikes go out.


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