Working Out

I've gotta say, ever since I met the Mr., I have always had the hardest time working out on a regular basis. As a singleton, I exercised (I swear) nearly every day. My mantra was to "do at least one thing a day that makes me sweat." Funnily enough--is funnily a word?--I got that from a Matthew McConaughey quote from a back issue of People while I was at some doctor's office. That Matthew McConaughey sure is something, isn't he? That aside, that quote I read is a wonderful way to live. I loved how I felt when I got a sweat on in mornings, and I miss that.

I realize that if I don't want to gain a mountainous amount of weight during this pregnancy, I must stick by my guns as I did when I was single and on the prowl. I started today by gardening--more like weeding--first thing this morning with the Mr. Our alarms went of at 6:21, then 6:30, then 6:40. Then we got up and out by 6:42! For us, that's a miracle, because the Mr. is a notorious "snooze" presser. In order for me to actually wake up in the mornings, I need my own alarm or he'll shut the one on his side off before the beeping even enters into my consciousness.

Now, not only did I get in a bit of a sweat, but my front yard is de-weeded and our lantanas have been cut back for the colder weather.

Gotta keep this up!

Weight: 171.6
Work Out: De-Weeded the Front Yard
Food: Three pieces of toast this morning, and now Samurai Sam's!


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