Nighttime Craving

Last night, an absolutely voracious craving hit me like a blow to my empty, pregnant stomach. I wanted ramen, and I wanted it right then and there. I found this recipe and promptly picked up the keys and left without a word. That alone is a miracle, considering that I sincerely hate driving. If only Las Vegas had more of a pedestrian lifestyle, I'd be all set.

Within an hour, I came home with the ingredients of greatness and voilĂ ! Ramen and two very satisfied tummies.

Turns out, it is really not that hard and you can find most of it at the average supermarket. I will say though that if you have an asian market around you, work up the nerve to go in and find everything there. One, it's cheaper. Two, it's more than likely fresher. Three, it's much more authentic.

I followed everything from the Steamy Kitchen recipe, except that I divided everything in half for just the Mr.and me, and added some grated ginger--just a 1/2 teaspoon.

On top of the toppings Steamy Kitchen mentions, I also added a little bit of all this:

Oh, and this was so worth it to wake up to after that deliciousness in my belly. Yeah, really worth it.


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