And So Here We Are Again

My oh my, so so so much has happened and I've been ridiculously lazy about talking about it. I mean so lazy that my blog is one of my home pages just so that I post, but here I am months later postless. One day, I'll back post everything to do with the house, because tons transpired in our little abode--things that we're proud of and that I really must show off. But today, it's more about expansion.

Of the family.

We're so tickled about this new adventure, even though it's already presenting new challenges to our lives. It's encompassing everything from new budgeting to my diet. I'm pretty stressed about that second one, because I wasn't able to lose my pregnancy weight. I haven't been to the doctor yet, but I'm thinking that I want to only gain 10 pounds here. I've become a bigger girl, which I dislike while I'm pregnant.

I'm really hoping to stick to this goal, which is why during this next nine months, I am going to be honest, honest, honest.

So here I go:

(deep breath)

Beginning weight: 171 lbs.
Workout today: Absolutely nothing (definitely need to improve on that)
Diet: Goulash overload from Poppi (what my husband's dad likes to refer to himself as instead of Grandpa, because it makes him feel much too old)


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