An Awesome Start to the Day

Here I go:

Weight: 171.6
Food: Nothing yet
Workout: Nothing yet, will today, I swear

What's good about that to me is that over the holiday weekend, the Mr.'s family and ours went to California for his mom's 30th college reunion. She graduated from USC, so there's a lot of pride there, and it was fun to see the stark difference in that campus' student life as compared to UNLV's. USC has so much history and so much more funding and just everything else going for it that...There's no contest, really. Anyway, what I'm saying is that anyone and everyone goes overboard on eating when on vacation, so I'm happy with that weight after a few days of not really paying attention to calorie intake. That's the first bit of awesomeness the to day.

Second is that today was supposed to be the day that I make up my midterm in my economics 261 class. My professor was very accomodating to give me an extension when I told him I would be out of town and not able to study as well as I would like. When I called him a little bit ago to get the address to his office, he said some projects came up at work and "would tomorrow be okay instead?" Uh, YES! Who wouldn't like an extra day?

Third is that my little girl made another milestone today! She can now successfully feed herself with a spoon!

It was such a kick watching her do it, too. It's not the best video, because I only had my phone and our actual video camera was in the car; however, I love, love, love seeing her put that spoon in her mouth all on her own like a champ! I don't know why I keep repeating words three times in a row like that today. How odd, odd, odd.

Anybody else just loving your day so far?


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