Pre-Visalia/Bakersfield Trip

It is pitiful how little I've done today concerning work. Such is life when you can work from home! And on top of that, it is just hard to apply yourself after over a week of being in vacation and doing absolutely nothing but enjoy yourself. Am I right or am I right?

What I have actually done:
- Fed Dianna
- Looked for houses
- Looked for new cars
- Fed Nike
- Put away the stuff in our suitcases from Santa Barbara/Bakersfield
- Thought about how I'll have to repack it for the wedding in Visalia
- Fed Dianna
- Put Dianna in her walker, where she promptly fell asleep
- Talked to the Mr. during his break in class
- Looked for more houses
- Looked for more cars
- Overthought the possibilities for one very promising house (sight unseen)
- Fed Dianna again
- Put her to sleep

And now here I am. It's a long list of nothing and I'm hoping I can get some more done this afternoon, maybe. But I've really got to hope, because we're going to be leaving for California soon and I don't like to have the things I haven't done hanging over my head during a vacation. Who would want that at all?!

So here's my new productivity list for the next two days:
- All the running around needed at work
- Homework
- Laundry
- Clean house
- Pack for three days
- And something else I'm forgetting...


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