So Far This Summer

Summer is nearly over and it's been the most fun we've had. So far, we've been in a pool a pretty good amount of the time, and Dianna has been loving it.

The Mr. has also discovered the joy of grilling, which he has demonstrated for nearly all our family members--the most recent of which were his cousins and their family, who came to visit this past weekend. He stood at the grill with large pounds of meat with a beer (literally the only time he prefers a beer over a wine cooler) like every other American man so proudly. I've loved seeing him actually enjoy cooking. And I guess it also helps that I don't have to cook for that meal. I think I speak for both of us, though, when I say that I think we're both good on the burgers for now!

We celebrated Father's Day for the first time, too. I love giving gifts, because I really try to consider what the receiver would realistically like for themselves. It's especially fun to think of gifts for the Mr., because he always seems to be surprised no matter how much he shakes the gifts to guess what's inside. Since we moved to our current house, which is right across the street from mountains, the Mr. has started dirtbiking. Every month, he has either gotten a new bike or new gear. There are only a few things he really needs now, and I took the liberty of getting him something his poor feet needed terribly.

And, something that's not much of a surprise, the little one is growing like crazy! She's passing all these milestones and the Mr. and I are endlessly humored by her blossoming personality. She can feed herself now, for crying out loud and cruisin' like a champ. With the seventh coming, she's closing in on becoming a whopping ten months old.

I feel like everyone says this, but now that I'm a parent, I see the reason why. The first year goes by so fast! I think it's because so much happens in one year, changes that people are used to occurring over a much longer course of time. Now we're on the hunt for some real baby shoes. Enter Stride Rite. Whoo dog, talk about biting the bullet! More on that later. For now, Dianna's about to wake up from her nap.


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