Santa Barbara Day 1 & 2 Recap

Alright, alright! The family went with the other Schulte's (my in-laws) to Santa Barbara for five days. Grammy found an amazing house to rent for the family with ocean views and it is absolutely beautiful. It's our first time really being here, too. What kind of excited us, and this is hilariously geeky, was that one of our favorite TV shows, Psych, takes place here. Before we go, we definitely want to see the pier where the office is supposed to be located. Yeah. Geeky.

So far, it's been so lovely and relaxed. I'm finally taking some time to write about our adventures...first day was the beach (it was Dianna's first time!), second day the Mr. and I went to an antique store (there are a lot here) and it was filled with so many more treasures than you would find in Las Vegas.

The third photo is from the Earth Day Festival. Today we've got horseback riding lined up! I've never gone and neither has John. I'll let you know how that goes.


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