Life and Birthdays

Oh, these past few weeks have been a huge blur! Just yesterday, we did our taxes, went to work, met with my big brother, and celebrated my dad's birthday.

At the restaurant, we tested out our little lady in a high chair for the first time and she loved it. I'm definitely regretting not bringing my camera last night because of that! I think she just liked feeling like a big girl being at the same height as everyone so she could see everything. She just stared and tried grabbing utensils. Toward the end, though, she was rubbing her eyes. So we moved her to her carrier where she had a big bottle and swapped smiles with my very attentive mom for the rest of the night.

It was similar last week, too, when we celebrated Fina's birthday at the M Resort buffet. Dianna just got passed around the Sunday that we spent there.

See? Fina is the nice lady who is second to the last on the right. She's basically helped raise John since he was a baby. And now look at him! He's a proud uncle. So proud that he has a picture of Dianna as his background on his PS3.

More new things? My big brother Dave took Chris and I to City Center. City Center is a new part of the Strip in Las Vegas that is absolutely gorgeous. It's like a little bit of modern glitz inside a mecca of Vegas glamour. We liked The Cosmopolitan best. There was really something to look at in every corner. In several parts of the casino, there were common areas to just mingle. On the third or fourth floor, we actually stopped to play pool and hang out. Really fun. So there's my life in a few paragraphs.

Note to self:: I need to bring my camera around with me more often.


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