Happiness is $37 in the Bank

We're that couple that quietly celebrates every month together. Sometimes we go to Olive Garden and pig out on those breadsticks of theirs, sometimes it's sushi night, sometimes we dress up for each other, sometimes we write letters to each other, sometimes one surprises the other with their favorite drink from the Chinese place down the street, and sometimes we just continually tell each other "I love you" the whole day.

This month is one of those times when we're dirt broke! So we dressed up all snazzy for each other and ate a quaint little lunch in front of the tube with our daughter and dog in tow.

Something we've come to realize is that the most important thing for us is to just be together and enjoy one another's company. It's not the day that is particularly important. It's not the money we have to spend at a restaurant. It's taking the time to recognize how thankful we are for our relationship and family.

Here's to 7 months of marriage and almost two years of true happiness.


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