Ahh, Progress!

I've really been putting a real emphasis on activity in my life this past week. Most mornings, I try to walk Nike. And...because it's Spring Break for the Mr., we played tennis this morning for two hours. I had so much fun and man did I get better at tennis!

Sometimes with my man being a very well-rounded athlete, it's hard to play a sport with him when I know I'm absolutely not going at his pace. Today I realized that he enjoys any activity with me just because it's with me and he's doing something outdoorsy.

Anyway, it just feels good to ache a little. Then I know I had a good day's work! Tomorrow...I don't know what we're doing. The Mr. wants to really keep it a secret to me--otherwise I psych myself out of it.

So here, here to an aching body, a good night's rest, and an able self excited for more fun! Over and out.


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