My Big Brother, The Cook

Did I mention he cooks?

We always love when my brother, Dave, comes over to cook us a meal! It's always fun because it usually turns into a cooking class, too. And I somehow always get a little gift in the form of a new knife or pans. This time it was tons of leftovers--and I mean tons. The photo above is actually of the leftovers. I just heated it all up and topped it off with a fried egg for the Mr. and me for a very, very rich, very heavy breakfast the next day. All thanks again, to my big bro for the idea.

He made steak Diana--haha, Diana--get it? Our little one is Dianna! Anyway, he made steak Diana with roasted potatoes. I'd put the recipe on here, but...maybe another time! Just feast your eyes on that picture with some slight jealousy and eager hunger until I let you in on the secret!

After dinner, he and the Mr. stayed up until three in the morning playing video games together. They'll never grow up, but I say that with a smile because I really don't mind. They always enjoy themselves that way and I'm thankful for the meal and family time. Especially thankful because Dave works long hours cooking on the Strip at a few different restaurants. It's always nice to see him on his only day off for the week, and truly touching that he chooses to spend that night with us.

Thanks again, big bro, for the steak lesson!


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