Ten Things We Need To Do Before Summer Ends

With the start of August here, I'm feeling slightly alarmed that we haven't had much of a summer. At least as far as fun goes. The Mr. has been in summer classes trying to get through a slew of courses so he can graduate this winter. On top of that, we had a baby and now he's left to pick up the slack in the family business that I was responsible for. But Chris' last summer class ends in a week or so, leaving about two weeks before he starts the fall semester. So...we have a month to get this fun done!

1. Swim in the pool more. Yes, we have a pool and I can count on one hand the amount of times we've used it this summer.

2. Go to the beach. We live in Las Vega and the beach is only three hours away. This is totally doable. Possibly in conjunction with number three.

3. Visit the Cunicelli's in Bakersfield! They're the Mr.'s cousins who he has visited every summer since before he knew his colors, which Michelle taught him years and years ago.

4. See the Bellagio garden with Dianna. I've been wanting to do this for quite some time because she loves flowers. The first time she said "flowers" she also said "pretty!"

5. Go see the Bellagio fountains. This was what the Mr. and I were SUPPOSED to do on our first date, but never got to because the car broke down. That really did happen on our first date. And here we are over three years later and we still have yet to do this.

6. Spend the day at Lake Las Vegas. We stayed there last year for our anniversary and loved it.

7. Have a picnic.

8. Go on a hike. We used to go crazy on our hikes, climbing all over the place, but with Dianna I just want to have a nice little hike. We've never done this with her.

9. Have a Harry Potter day. This consists of us watching a few of the movies while munching on donuts.

10. Have a barbecue to celebrate Dean's birth! He was born just before the intended baby shower and I got sick the week of the second planned shower. This next one really needs to happen!

I think this is all plausible. I'm excited to possibly knock one or two of these off this weekend, because Saturday is our 3rd wedding anniversary.

We'll see what happens. Happy summer!


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