My Daughter, The Flower Girl

I never quite got around to posting about this, because it happened right before the little dude was born. Then I was overloaded with baby fever, then I had a real, very bad fever. So now that everything has settled down quite a bit, it's time to share some absolutely beautiful photos of my absolutely beautiful daughter. I'm partial, what can I say?!

Early in June, my little squirt (I guess she's the big squirt now) was the flower girl at my childhood best friend Taylor's wedding in Utah. Before you do the math, yes, I was eight months pregnant. I was a crazy lady. My only defense is that it was my childhood best friend's wedding! And how fitting and poignant for my daughter to be her flower girl. And how many times will she have the opportunity to be a flower girl? Still, yes, crazy lady over here.

We flew to Salt Lake (Dianna's first plane ride and it went really well!), rented a car, and found ourselves in adorable Logan, Utah. On our first day there, we went to a quick rehearsal then dinner with Taylor and her fiance's family. We found a great local zoo to spend the next day until the wedding that night. Our plan of attack was to tire out the little squirt so that she would nap just before the wedding.

As we drove to the ceremony, Dianna was in a good mood, but it was the Mr. and I who were incredibly nervous! We wanted her to do well and not cry and so on and so forth. Did she walk down the aisle? Yes, but not alone. Chris nudged her down and I coaxed her from the front with her favorite lamb and cookies. 

During the reception, Dianna walked table to table carrying on babbly conversations with everyone.

We had a good time! Taylor looked gorgeous, the venue was really charming, and the little touches were, well, touching. I really loved the little milk bottles with the paper straws. We had to call it a night early with the little lady. I didn't want to push her good mood to expiration! It was also awesome to be in a little town again. We love them and they remind Chris of Albert Lea, MN, where his dad is from and where he has fond memories of his grandparents.

Congratulations to the new Kameraths (who can now be found here on their new blog)! Thank you so much for inviting our little family to your lovely wedding.


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