It's Been a While

Yep, I'm baaacckk! Lots has been going on in my life and in my head these past ten weeks and I guess I'm finally getting around to sharing about it.

I think the first and biggest thing I should share is that we had the ultrasound and (drum roll...) it's a boy! The Mr. was so happy to hear it and I was too. We've had the name William Dean in our heads since baby number one and it's so exciting to be able to put it to use. During the ultrasound, Dianna had a fit watching the technician mess with mommy's belly. It was hilarious and in the end, she only calmed down when she got to sit by my head on the exam table and watch the screen.

The Mr. and I have also been to a couple more Centering Pregnancy sessions, which is my prenatal class with other women who are also due in July. The sessions are getting to be extremely fun, because we're all going through the same thing. This last class, we went over breastfeeding and random questions everyone had. One of our ladies asked about hot tubs and we all had a laugh when someone asked, "Would that cook our baby?!"

Like all our weekends have been lately, we've been nonstop. Is it odd that that happens once you have kids? Friday morning, the family got up early to get to the As They Grow Kids' Consignment Sale. They offer all kinds of childrens' goodies for low prices--everything from clothes to car seats. The first time we ever went was for Dianna, which was amazingly timed to be the week right after our baby shower so we had a bunch of spending moolah. I remember buying an entire travel system with two bases, a high chair, swing, car seat cushion, foot muffler, etc. well under $350! Since then, I have never missed a sale and I never miss a chance to tell someone about it. And while I haven't had to ever purchase as much stuff as with baby number one, it's still an amazing deal. In the two years we've been attending, the sale has grown exponentially. We first ever arrived a half hour before the sale opened at 10 in the morning. I'm glad that this time around we had the forethought to arrive an hour early! Even an hour before, the line was wrapping around the side of the building.  By the time 10 o'clock rolled around, the line spanned the parking lot and had reached the other end where a movie theater is located.

Since we got into the sale so early, we got a great selection of the few things we do happen to need for Dean: a bassinet and an extra base for our Peg Perego car seat. All under $100. I went again with my mom the next day for clothes for our little one and Dean.

The Mr. has this desire for his son to always look "fresh". He knew a kid who always looked "fresh" when he was growing up, so much so that his nickname through grade school and beyond was Mikey Fresh. For Mikey, looking fresh was characterized by collared shirts and polos, though not ever in a comb-over, uncomfortable-Sunday-best kind of way. So when I went to the sale, I had my eyes peeled for just that and oh how my hubby's eyes lit up when he beheld the "freshness" of his coming son's wardrobe. Wait til the next sale, when they're selling winter clothes!

While typing this post my daughter came back from her customary Sunday outing with my parents, who are referred to as "Lolo" and "Lola". Can she say that yet? Nope. But that is how to say grandma and grandpa in Tagalog. Every Sunday, she goes to church with them and then on a field trip somewhere. Today they went to the gardens at the Wynn casino. I got a picture of her smiling by all the flowers on a bench.

What a great way to spend the afternoon! And of course I instantly missed her. The Mr. and I planted some flowers with our time alone, so we were kind of with her in a way.

With the month winding down, I keep thinking about how Dianna will be 1 1/2 by the seventh of April. I can't believe it! But then again, I also cannot believe that I'm already 25 weeks pregnant. Time passes so quickly. I'm already thinking about the baby shower...


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