In Awe

There are so many days that I just sit and watch Dianna play. She's getting so smart, finally able to put her mega blocks together on her own, "counting" (which is really her mimicking our grown-up sounds), and really understanding what clean up means. It's just so exciting to see the wheels turning in there.

As I've been typing, she just grabbed a rag from the kitchen and started wiping the coffee table off like I do.

I love it!

For a lot of people without kids, I know it sounds ridiculous to just watch a little person toddle around. I'm sure it seems as boring as watching paint dry; however, I have to say that when it's your little bundle whose intelligence hinges on what you teach and expose her to, it really is fascinating to see what sticks with them and what they absorb in the everyday things you do.

Now we just need to get her vocabulary up! Days away from turning 1 1/2, she's saying "Daddy", "doggie", "Mama", "uh-oh" and "clean up". She's not shy of talking at all. She just needs to communicate  a bit better! Right now, her way of getting our attention is saying, "atch!"

I'm also enjoying the last dregs of having just one around. The coming months will be difficult for myself and Dianna. We're already anticipating a lot of poking and prodding of Dean. We're expecting a long bout of jealousy. But I'm sure when the time comes, there will be more. Of everything. Just thinking that this time next year Dean will probably be crawling is crazy! Oh boy, oh boy.


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