How He Worked for Nike for a Couple Weeks...and Some Other Stuff

In applying for several jobs at the same time, the Mr. inevitably got job offers at the same time: Nike Factory and Happy Feet Soccer (as a little kids' coach). So our conclusion to that was to accept said job offers. Duh, right?! No. Not really. Within two weeks, the jobs were clashing. Clashing with each other, with school, and daddy time. We had to choose one and hope for the best.

The Mr. has always been involved in sports, so both jobs were well suited. But we ultimately chose Happy Feet because of the flexibility and who would rather fold clothes than teach little kids how to play soccer? I actually think there are a lot now that I give a second to sink in, but for a father of two who loves every sport...there's no contest.

What does Happy Feet Soccer do as a company? Right now in Las Vegas, they are mainly operating their story time program that travels to different preschools and holds classes that imaginatively incorporate soccer skills into popular stories for a workout and introduction to the sport. The students use a smaller sized ball with a happy face on it and refer to it as "Bob the Bobcat" in order to make the ball seem like a fun, approachable friend. It's geared for kids between two and five years old. Chris and I do some of the exercises with Dianna often, and she now refers to all her balls around the house as "Bob". Ha! Later on, the company plans on having an office space and branching out into a soccer league for older kids as well. So far, the Mr. is really enjoying himself and gets to fulfill his love of teaching kids sports.

Another thing: Thanksgiving is one week away and I've just learned that it's going to be at my house.

Um. WHAT?! I need to clean, and shop, and make a menu, and did I mention clean?! Last month, we got to celebrate my little girl's second birthday. Again, WHAT? I know, right? Just a minute ago, we were at the hospital with her.

What I was getting to, though, was that I decorated and cooked everything: roasted chicken and carrots, bacon-wrapped asparagus bunches, three cheese bacon mac and cheese, apple brown betty, and super moist and delicious (if I do say so myself) pumpkin cake with Jack soaked golden raisins (don't tell anyone) and fresh whipped cream. BAM! Sorry, I felt that an Emeril-style celebration was needed at the end of that line of totally disgraceful bragging. I know. I'm embarrassed. Ashamed. But not enough to delete, because BAM! that was a freakin' accomplishment.

I've strayed yet again. To summarize: I need Thanksgiving ideas pronto. See you in a week...once I dig myself out of this planning, cooking, cleaning, and decorating hole. I shall emerge on the other plan Christmas. Good luck on Thanksgiving to you. May your family disagreements pale in comparison to your post-feast waistline and ensuing drowsiness.


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