Going Back to My Roots

Since the weather in Las Vegas started to get colder, my little has been a sniffling little fool. While she's basically all better now thanks to her humidifier, juice, and soup, the Mr. and I are feeling the brunt of the bug she had.

What naturally follows then is making soup. I definitely first looked up how to make Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana and Pioneer Woman has a promising-looking recipe. But what I ultimately made was my favorite soup from my childhood, what my dad would make for me when I was sick: chicken corn soup. I just used this recipe, which you should try because it's dead easy, and added chicken and some thin spaghetti that I broke into two to three inch little strips. Why the addition? Because my dad always added chicken and noodles, so that's just the right way to do it. I've made this twice this week and it's been so comforting.

Now, the Mr. is the one who's feeling more under the weather than me. So this morning, I heated him up the arroz caldo that my parents so sweetly brought over for us two nights ago.

I added a bouillon cube, as my dad (who is the cook in the family) has grown an aversion to too much salt in his age, and it did the trick.  I need to figure out the recipe sometime today for the Mr. The good thing is that I think I just may have everything to make it!


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